“T-Top questions?  Confused on types of glass? Click here!


Q - Do you have any original laminated blue glass t-tops?

A - Sometimes, we quit actively seeking them out, as they are very fragile, and difficult to ship.


Q - I need a mirrored top for only one side of my car.  Can I buy just one side?

A - Yes you can but we need to know what kind of tops you have.  Mirrored is a broad term that covers 4 or 5 different types of Corvette T-Top glass.  The code is located on the outer rear corner of the glass.  We would need the "M" number to determine exactly what you need.  For more detailed info you may go here Glass T-Top History


Q - Can I install your 78-82 glass replacements on my '75?

A - Yes, you may install 78-82 glass tops onto 68-77 Corvettes.  you would need to remove your rear locating plates and install the later 78-82 switch plates T-Top latch rod switch plates


Q - Why do you guys only carry a few areas of the vehicle besides roof and t-tops?

 A - Not carrying every aspect of the vehicle is what allows us to excel at what we do.  We produce 90% of our product line which allows us to maintain excellent control of our stock.  Even through the pandemic we were able to ship product by the following day.  Sometimes, if we see a void in the market we may produce that part as well.