C3 1978 - 1982 Corvette T-Top Installation




    1. Place roof panels upside down on a soft surface to prevent scratching the glass.
    2. Remove plastic tongue covers (1 phillip screw each) and plastic latch covers phillip screws each.
    3. Loosen (do not remove) all 7/16" nuts. There are a total of 7 nuts per top, 2 per tongue and three per latch.
    4. Distinguish a mark using tape and a pencil on center of car by measuring from the left and right front locating pins holes to the center of T-Sar above the windshield.
    5. Open the car doors and place T-Tops on car so tongues go into T-Sar, (see view A above) and front locating pin on latch assembly goes into hole.
    6. With T-Tops on car, close latches on both tops. watching for rear locating pin to engage in switch plate.
    7. Use center mark as a reference point to align tops. Move the tops side to side until you achieve a parallel position down the center or the T-Tops and across the back.
    8. With T-Tops parallel tighten latch nuts.
    9. Go inside car and tighten tongue nuts. NOTE: Adding shims raises top and deleting shims lowers top.
    10. If T-Tops appear unlevel return to the inside of the car and add or delete shims as necessary.
    11. If necessary, loosen latch and readjust tops to compensate for alignment.
    12. Replace all plastic covers to the T-Top panels and return panels to car.



    • The glass roof panels are designed to lit approximately 1/8" higher than the rear roof surface, therefore. Do not attempt to adjust the glass panels flush with the roof surface.
    • The glass panels should maintain a 1/8 - 3/16" clearance along front between glass and car.