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Melrose T-Top International

2014-2019 C7 Corvette Roof Re-Lensing Service

2014-2019 C7 Corvette Roof Re-Lensing Service

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C7 roof cracked, damaged, or scratched? We can re-lens it.  Feel free to call us at 800-547-0075 with any questions or print this Corvette Roof Re-lens Service Order Form , attach it to box, and send your roof.  We will contact you when it arrives if we have any questions.

 The best option for customers that want to keep their original frame and parts

  • We will remove and discard your original lens or painted panel and install a new blue acrylic lens
  • Replaces, worn, damaged, scratched, or missing panels
  • Lifetime adhesion warranty
  • Premium cast acrylic
  • Performed in-house by Melrose T-Top Int. 35+year trusted GM Licensee

Core requirements-   Painted or transparent is ok. Frame must not be bent, cracked, or altered in any way.  The painted or transparent panel can be missing, and all hardware must be usable and present, if any part is unusable or missing we will call you.

Ship your roof to:

Melrose T-Top Int.
100 W Ellwalk
Cortland, IL 60112

You are responsible for shipping your roof to us.  We will ship the completed roof back to you for free.  YES, we understand shipping these roofs is a pain in the butt.  We can ship you one of our dedicated boxes with some white polyethylene foam inside for $100.  Understand you will be paying mostly for the size of the box.  Even though it is empty UPS will charge us a dimensional weight of 70 lbs.  TV and mirror boxes can also be found at Uhaul, home depot, and other big box-type stores.  We have had some customers simply wrap and send their roofs in cardboard and duct tape. 

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