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1997-2004 C5 Corvette Transparent Roof Restoration Service

1997-2004 C5 Corvette Transparent Roof Restoration Service

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The easiest and fastest solution to restore your C4 roof panel.  After purchase - just ship us your roof.  When it arrives at our facility we will completely remove your lens and install a brand new one with new edge trim.  You will receive a brand new-looking roof with no concerns about whose frame and parts you're getting back!  Also, since we're re-lensing your roof, there will be no need to pay expensive mechanics for installation and adjustments.  Simply unpack and install!  ** For Intercontinental US orders only**


  • We will remove the lens and reinstall a new one to GM specs
  • Lifetime warranty against panel separation
  • SAR (super abrasion resistant) Hard coated Lens
  • DOT approved (important for certain state inspections)
  • New factory-style edge trim, powder-coated steel (not plastic channel like some aftermarket roofs)
  • Return shipping charges are included for intercontinental US customers
  • You get back your frame and parts 

 Not Included

  • New weatherstrips.  You can however select these for replacement on the enclosed form for $35 ea. installed.
  • Frame repair or re-coating
  • International Customers - Please contact us if you are outside the states.

 What you need to do after purchase 

  1. Pack up and insure your roof, enclose Re-lens Service Order Form found here- Corvette Roof Re-lens Service Order Form.  If you have problems printing the form please jot down as much info as you can and enclose with the roof. 
  2. Now you just wait!  Once the roof arrives at our facility it generally takes 2-3 days to re-lens, cure, and process for free shipping back to you.  

*If you cannot find a box you may purchase one on this site.  Just go to the search bar and enter "roof box"

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