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Melrose T-Top International

Glass T-Top Reconditioning Service -3rd Gen Camaro Firebird T/A IROC

Glass T-Top Reconditioning Service -3rd Gen Camaro Firebird T/A IROC

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Your old T-Tops not looking so good? Melrose can re-glass them or do a full resto! Send us your 1982-1992 Camaro or Pontiac T-Tops and we will replace your old plastic or glass with new LOF dark smoked privacy Glass. 

What's included- We will remove your old glass or acrylic panel, paint the exterior frame exposure and install new LOF glass panels. Free return shipping is included!!

What's not included- Gaskets, drip channels, interior trim parts, extensive cleanup, and other misc. parts, but these may be added "a la carte" per customers request- please call

What to do if I want to proceed- Read the FAQ below.  There are some things you may need to know.


  • How do I get my tops to you?  UPS, FED/EX, Post Office, or drop off in person at our facility in Cortland, IL will all work.  Also, UPS stores are convenient but not cheap.  
  • My tops are plastic and have metal edge trim, I don't see that on the glass tops, why?  The metal trim pieces were needed to add rigidity to the panels to prevent air leaks and panel bowing at higher speeds.  The glass panels are rigid and these were unnecessary. Final dimensions are the same 
  • What are C&C Tops (Cars & Concepts)?  Some coupe vehicles were fitted with T-Tops by aftermarket installers. Cars & Concepts was the company that supplied these kits.  Factory tops measured 30.25" at center of vehicle whereas C&C tops measured 28".  See photo to help determine what you have. We unfortunately cannot refurbish C&C tops.
  • Can you replace my gaskets while my tops are at your facility getting new glass? Yes, see here (Click) for what we use, and read disclaimer.

If you want to discuss in detail or have more questions please call (815)758-2783.

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