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Melrose T-Top International

Roof Box

Roof Box

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Can't find a box to ship your roof?  This box will be shipped to you collapsed to save you money.  We will also include some foam wrap, so all you need to do is expand the box - wrap- then ship. Fits C4, C5, and C6 roofs from 1984-2013.  

Return shipping- We no longer offer insured pre-paid return labels.  We can however send you a box with an uninsured pre-paid return label.  Please remember- You accept all liability without insurance.  Therefore we are not responsible if your roof gets lost or arrives to us with a broken frame.

If you want to ship your roof to us for repair and have it insured you may contact a UPS Store, FedEx, US postal service, or an online service such as Unishippers (You will need to activate an account)

 Roof Weights and Dimensions

C6 Transparent- 30 lbs. / Relens box size with C5 roof - 31x50x5 (inches)

C5 Transparent- 30 lbs. / Relens box size with C5 roof - 31x49x5 (inches)

C4 Transparent - 32 lbs / Relens box size with C4 roof - 31x45x5 (inches)

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